(Polski) Profesjonalne zadaszenia basenów

Technical data

Profile system

The Aluroof series is the very latest in swimming pool roofing solutions and has been specially designed to combine both functionality and aesthetics, while the Aluroof sealing system has been designed for maximum protection against wind and rain, preventing any leakage – even during heavy rain.

Sealing system

Aluroof model Compact - niskie zadaszenie w nowoczesnym kształcie

Our sliding doors and panels allow effortless access.

Track system

The smooth-sliding track system is discreet and elegant, while the outside surface of the roofing is stylish and has anti-slip properties. All Aluroof materials are reinforced against high winds and rain.

Aluroof system rolek jezdnych zadaszenia basenu


We only use solid or multiwall polycarbonates in our construction. Multiwall provides the best heat insulation, while solid polycarbonate offers the very best in aesthetics.