(Polski) Profesjonalne zadaszenia basenów



Swimming pool roofing is also an effective safety measure, helping prevent unwanted entry by pets and children. It is easy to restrict access to an enclosed structure in your garden, even the cat won’t get in!


Extension of the season

Aluroof solutions provide an effective protection against wind and rain, and the special polycarbonate shell keeps the air inside warm, like a greenhouse. Multiwall polycarbonate roofing, as well as providing excellent insulation from the outside elements, also helps prevent the loss of heat, meaning our roofing solutions allow unrestricted fun especially during the spring and autumn months. With an Aluroof structure in place, swimming pools with an additional water heating system can be enjoyed all year round.


We use the the latest aluminium construction technology, combined with an innovative sealing system, bringing new level of comfort to your home swimming experience. No longer will bad weather, rain or wind spoil your outdoor fun! Aluroof protects your pool from leaves and grass cuttings, and other falling debris. It even helps keep pollen out, preventing it from contaminating the water.



Our unique roofing works in a similar way to solar collectors, heating the water and air beneath it, and the water in your swimming pool would typically be higher by around 8 degrees.