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About us

For many people, a backyard pool means fun in the warm sunshine. Our climate is not always ideal for swimming and the idea of stepping into cold water is enough for us to abandon the idea completely. However, thanks to Aluroof, your swimming pool can now be warm and inviting even during cold and windy days.

Water in a swimming pool can lose heat in 4 different ways:

  1. Evaporation – 50 to 90% loss of heat.
  2. Convection – 10 to 50% loss of heat. This phenomenon is strongly dependent on wind speed.
  3. Infrared radiation – 5 to 15% loss of heat
  4. Conduction – approximately 2 % of the heat is absorbed through the walls of the pool.

The practical solution to the above is to install Aluroof over your swimming pool. A pool protected from wind does not lose as much heat as one that is exposed. Additionally, the heat of the sun can heats up the water and traps warm air inside the structure, much like a greenhouse.

Therefore, Aluroof swimming pool roofing can increase the water temperature by up to 8°. Heat from the sun is collected during the day which keeps the water temperature stable at night.

The Aluroof Company offers you seven basic sliding pool roofing systems, and in addition to these standard constructions we offer customised solutions, tailored to your exact specifications.

Aluroof’s unique aluminium construction and materials takes the comfort and convenience of swimming in your pool to a new level.